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Buffet Catering: 7 Common Misconceptions Debunked (2023)

If you’re planning an event or gathering, buffet catering can be a convenient and cost-effective option. However, there are several misconceptions about buffet catering that may deter people from choosing this option. In this post, we will debunk seven common buffet catering misconceptions and provide you with the right information.

Misconception #1: Buffet Catering is Only Suitable for Large Events

There’s a common misconception that catering services are only suitable for large events. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Catering can be a great option for events of all sizes, from small intimate gatherings to large corporate affairs. It offers a range of benefits, such as flexibility in menu options and portion sizes, which can be especially appealing for picky eaters or individuals with dietary restrictions. 

By working closely with a professional catering team, you can ensure that your event runs smoothly, regardless of its size.

A variety of food items, such as meats, vegetables, and desserts, are displayed on a buffet table.

Misconceptions #2: Buffet Catering is Low Quality

At RichFood Catering, we exclusively utilize fresh and premium ingredients for our cuisine preparation. Our skilled chefs meticulously choose each ingredient to guarantee exceptional taste and quality.

We recognize that guests have diverse dietary requirements and taste preferences; hence, we provide a broad range of cuisine options to cater to various needs. 

Whether it’s traditional or modern fusion dishes, we can tailor our menu to complement the ambience and theme of your event.

Misconception #3: Buffet Catering is Expensive

Some people believe that catering is always expensive, but this is not necessarily true. Depending on your preferences and requirements, there are ways to make catering more affordable. 

One approach is to skip sit-down meals and opt for alternative arrangements. By doing so, you can eliminate serving and plating requirements, which can help lower costs.

At RichFood Catering, we offer a range of competitively-priced meal options, including buffet catering, bento boxes, mini buffets, and packed meals that cater to our customer’s needs and preferences.

  • Saving Buffet A – 7 + 1 Courses | Min. 50 Pax $12.00 / Pax | ($12.96 w/ GST)
  • Savings Buffet B – 8 + 1 Courses | Min. 40 Pax $14.00 / Pax | ($15.12 w/ GST)
  • Value Buffet A – 8 + 1 Courses | Min. 30 Pax $16.00 / Pax | ($17.28 w/ GST)
  • Value Buffet B – 7 + 1 Courses | Min. 50 Pax $12.00 / Pax | ($12.96 w/ GST)
  • Harvest Buffet A – 8 + 1 Courses | Min. 40 Pax $14.00 / Pax | ($15.12 w/ GST)
  • Harvest Buffet B – 8 + 1 Courses | Min. 30 Pax $16.00 / Pax | ($17.28 w/ GST)
  • Deluxe Buffet – 9 + 1 Courses | Min. 30 Pax $18.00 / Pax | ($19.44 w/ GST)
  • Supreme Buffet– 9 + 1 Courses | Min. 30 Pax $20.00 / Pax | ($21.60 w/ GST)

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  • Parent’s Day Fusion Menu – 双亲节 9 Courses | (10-12 Pax) $461.11 | ($498.00 w/ GST) Available till 12 June 2023
  • Parent’s Day Oriental Menu – 双亲节 9 Courses | (10-12 Pax) $368.52 | ($398.00 w/ GST) Available till 12 June 2023
  • Mini Buffet A – 7 Courses | Min. 15 Pax $15.00 / Pax | ($16.20 w/ GST)
  • Mini Buffet B – 8 Courses | Min. 15 Pax $18.00 / Pax | ($19.44 w/ GST)

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  • Bento Set A – 3 Courses | Min. 40 Pax $8.00 / Pax | ($8.64 w/ GST)
  • Bento Set B – 4 Courses | Min. 30 Pax $10.00 / Pax | ($10.80 w/ GST)
  • Bento Set C – 5 Courses | Min. 20 Pax $15.00 / Pax | ($16.20 w/ GST)

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  • Packed Meal A – 1 Rice | 1 Meat | 1 Veg | 1 Side Dish | Min. 70 Pax $4.50 / Pax | ($4.86 w/ GST)
  • Packed Meals B – 1 Rice | 2 Meat | 1 Veg | Min. 60 Pax $5.00 / Pax | ($5.40 w/ GST)
  • Packed Meals C – 1 Rice | 2 Meat | 1 Veg | 1 Side Dish | Min. 50 Pax $6.00 / Pax | ($6.48 w/ GST)

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A caterer is serving food from a buffet table. The caterer is wearing gloves and a hairnet, and the food is being served in clean containers.

Misconceptions #4: Buffet Catering is Not Hygienic

At RichFood Catering, we prioritize hygiene to ensure safe and healthy meals for our guests. We use sneeze guards and food warmers to maintain food freshness and prevent contamination. 

Our staff practices good hygiene and handles food with clean gloves to prevent contamination. Our ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality. We work closely with local suppliers to source locally grown organic produce and use fresh meats and seafood. 

Our chefs prepare each dish with care and attention to detail to ensure flavorful food. We also offer a wide range of options to accommodate all dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options.

Misconceptions #5: Buffet Catering has Not Personalised

While some people may assume that buffet catering is not personalized as guests select their own dishes, at RichFood Catering, we provide customisation options for our buffet catering services.

We can accommodate different dietary requirements and preferences, and our team is always delighted to assist guests with their choices. With our personalized buffet catering services, you can be confident that every guest will have a delightful experience.

A caterer is talking to a group of people. The caterer is taking notes and asking questions, making sure that the food will be personalized to the group's preferences.

Misconceptions #6: Only Suitable for Casual Events

At our catering company, we recognize that each event is one-of-a-kind and necessitates a unique approach to catering. We comprehend that the ambiance and manner of an occasion can vary greatly, whether it’s a corporate gala or a formal dinner. 

For example, our assortment of catering services can be personalized to suit your specific tastes, from handpicking the ideal menu to fashioning the perfect presentation and setting. Our team of proficient chefs and catering experts are committed to delivering exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail.

We solely employ the freshest and finest quality ingredients in all of our dishes and are delighted to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. Our catering services are adaptable to fit your requirements, no matter the scale of the event. 

Most caterers and us, are taking pride in providing our clients with the utmost level of service and quality and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you in making your event a triumph.

Misconceptions #7: It is Difficult to Clean Up

Despite common beliefs that cleaning up after a buffet-style event is challenging due to serving a diverse range of food options to a large number of guests resulting in significant mess, the reality is quite different.

By hiring catering companies that offer buffet services, clients can rely on trained staff who take on the responsibility of clearing tables, managing spills, and disposing of waste. The clean-up process is usually systematic and efficient, with each staff member assigned specific tasks, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Additionally, to promote sustainable practices, some catering companies offer eco-friendly alternatives such as biodegradable plates and utensils, which can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the event. These options are not only practical but also contribute to a more sustainable future.


In conclusion, buffet catering is a versatile and convenient option for events of all sizes and types. At RichFood Catering, we provide high-quality and personalised buffet catering services at competitive prices.

Don’t let these common misconceptions hold you back from choosing buffet catering for your next event. In any case, we hope our article helps with your buffet event catering planning, and we hope you will succeed in it!

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