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Treat Mom to a Sumptuous Spread and Great Meal this Mother’s Day: Mini Buffets vs. Laksa

Spoil Mom with Exceptional Mother’s Day Catering

Mother’s Day is our chance to honor the incredible women who’ve made us who we are. This year, skip the kitchen frenzy and spoil Mom with a mouthwatering catering spread. Whether you’re considering quaint mini buffets or the rich flavors of laksa, you’ll find the perfect option to show your love and appreciation. Let’s delve into both choices to help you select the ideal treat for Mom on her special day.

Mini Buffets: Perfect for Intimate Gatherings

Opt for a mini buffet if you’re planning a small, cozy celebration this Mother’s Day. These buffets typically feature a range of appetizers, salads, and desserts, all beautifully arranged to make your gathering feel extra special.


  • Perfectly Portioned: Just right for smaller groups, minimizing leftovers and waste.
  • Cost-Effective: More affordable than larger, more elaborate buffets.
  • Sophisticated Presentation: Adds an element of elegance to your intimate gathering.


  • Limited Selection: Not as many choices as you’d find in a larger buffet.

Advance Planning Needed: You’ll need to choose your dishes early to ensure everything is just right.

mother's day catering
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Laksa: A Bold Flavor to Celebrate Mom

Consider serving laksa, a hearty noodle soup bursting with flavor, to spice up your Mother’s Day menu. This dish blends spices, coconut milk, and fresh ingredients to create a comforting yet adventurous culinary experience.


  • Vibrant Tastes: A delightful explosion of flavors that can be the centerpiece of your meal.
  • Cultural Adventure: Brings a touch of Asian tradition to your festivities, perfect for moms who love exploring new tastes.
  • Filling and Fulfilling: A complete, satisfying meal that promises to leave guests content.


  • Might Be Too Spicy: The robust flavors might not appeal to everyone, especially those with milder taste preferences.
  • Requires Specific Ingredients: Not as flexible in terms of customization, depending on guest preferences and dietary restrictions.

How to Choose the Best Option

  • Guest Count: Mini buffets suit smaller, more personal gatherings, while laksa is great for a snug, flavor-centric meal.
  • Budget Considerations: Mini buffets generally offer more bang for your buck, especially with larger crowds.
  • Formality Level: Mini buffets tend to be more formal, whereas laksa offers a laid-back, enjoyable dining experience.
  • Dietary Needs: Assess the dietary restrictions and flavor preferences of your guests when deciding.

Consider RichFood Catering Mini Buffet for your Mother’s Day Catering choice!

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Savory Laksa Feast!

  • Feeds 10 people for just $100 (+$9 with GST)
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Delectable Mini Buffet

  • Perfect for 10 guests at $238 (+$21 with GST)
  • Enjoy a FREE 20-piece Deep-Fried Pork Chive Dumpling (limited offer, worth $40!)

Both options guarantee a delicious dining experience!

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Conclusion: A Memorable Mother’s Day Feast

Planning Mother’s Day catering allows you to fully cherish the time with your mom, creating lasting memories. Whether you opt for the variety of a mini buffet or the distinctive taste of laksa, what matters most is the love shown on this special day. Enjoy the feast, and make this Mother’s Day one to remember for the amazing woman in your life!

If you’re looking for a local caterer, you can contact us for free to understand our catering and service fulfilment. By the way, our catering service covers most areas in Singapore. You can reach us via 6980 8207 or WhatsApp at 8157 8780 and make your booking today!

Mother’s Day Catering FAQs

1. When should I place my catering order?

A: It is advisable to book your catering services at least one week in advance to prevent any disruptions in your order.

2. Is it possible to tailor the catering menu?

A: Unfortunately for Mother’s Day special, customization options are not available. 

3. Will the caterer provide dishes and utensils?

A: Yes, we provide individually packed cutleries with all menus.

4. Should I arrange for tables and chairs or do you provide logistic rental?

A: Well, it all depends on your event setup. We do provide logistics rental as well such as stools and extra tables with table cloth. Kindly refer below rate:

  • Rental of Stool @ $2.00/pc ($2.18 with GST).
  • Rental of Extra Table with table cloth @ $20.00/set ($21.80 with GST).