Packed meals on-the-go: Catering for Singaporeans busy lifestyle

Packed meals on the go: Catering for Singaporean’s busy lifestyle

The popularity of ordering food online skyrocketed amidst the reign of the pandemic happens in recent years. It has become one of the popular catering choices for the fast-paced lifestyle of Singaporeans. The convenience of having a packed meal is that you don’t have to deal with meal preparation at home, time-saving, and cost-effective and consume it wherever at ease.
There are various types of packed meals available such as economy rice, bento boxes, nasi lemak and many more offered by various local caterers. Read on to learn more about the varieties of packed meals available in Singapore.

Types of packed meals available

  • Economy rice: This is a simple and satisfying meal, consisting of a bowl of rice topped with a variety of proteins, vegetables, and sauces. They are a popular option for those looking for a convenient and filling meal.
  • Bento boxes: A legacy of Japan’s rich cultural heritage, these traditional meals embody the essence of culinary balance and harmony. Comprising of rice, protein, and vegetables, all beautifully arranged in a compact container, Bento boxes are a beloved option for busy office workers and students in pursuit of a nutritious and convenient meal.
  • Nasi Lemak: A feast for the senses, Nasi Lemak is a timeless classic hailing from Malay cuisine. Made from rice cooked to perfection in coconut milk and served with an assortment of toppings such as eggs, crispy fried chicken, and sambal, this dish is a celebration of flavour, fragrance, and tradition.
  • and many more…

The advantages of packed meals

Its convenient, time-saving and cost-effective options for busy people, office workers, students and travellers. They are available in a wide range of cuisines and styles and can be adapted to suit dietary needs and preferences. Packed meals can be eaten at any time of day, whether for breakfast, lunch, or supper and are frequently used for events and gatherings. They are convenient to grab and go, and portion control can assist manage calorie intake or weight. They can also be utilised to accommodate persons with unique dietary requirements, such as low-carb, vegetarian, or halal alternatives.

  1. Convenience: Packed meals are simple to grab and go, making them an ideal choice for individuals with hectic schedules. They are preferred for office workers, students, and travellers on the go who require a quick and easy supper.
  2. Time-saving: Packing meals save time by bypassing the need to cook or wait in line at a restaurant. This is especially useful for individuals who have a hectic schedule or limited time.
  3. Cost-effective: Packed lunches are generally less expensive than dining out, making them a cost-effective alternative for individuals on a tight budget.
  4. Customizable: Packed meals can be customised to meet certain dietary requirements and preferences, such as low-carb, vegetarian, or halal. This offers those with unique dietary needs more options.
  5. Portion control: Packed meals frequently come in fixed serving sizes, which can be beneficial for people trying to control their calorie intake or manage their weight.
  6. Variety: Packed meals are available in a wide range of cuisines and styles, offering more choices and range of meals than cooking at home.
  7. Suitable for any time: Packed meals can be eaten at any time of day, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  8. Good for events and gatherings: Packed meals are often used for events and gatherings, such as office parties, picnics, and potlucks, as they are easy to transport and share.


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The Challenges of Packed Meals in Singapore

  1. Keeping food fresh, safe and high in quality: Packed meals must be carefully wrapped and stored to retain freshness and quality. This somehow can be challenging for food caterers because they have to find ways to keep food fresh for a longer period of time. For your info, caterers in Singapore especially RichFood Catering strictly adhere to the guideline, rules and regulations imposed by Singapore Food Agency. For any packed meals ordered from us, we highly suggest our customers consume them within 2 hours upon delivery. As to maintain the level of hygiene of our meals, all foods are served in disposable containers as opposed to reusable containers.
  2. Transportation and delivery: Packed meals must be carried and delivered to customers on time and efficiently. This can be difficult for caterers, especially if they have a big volume of orders. 

Our Packed Meals

Our economy rice is made deliciously convenient at value-for-money pricing for groups of 50 or more. You may browse our well-designed packed meals menu here.

  1. Packed Meal A ($4.86 w/GST min 70 pax)
    • 1 Rice
    • 1 Meat
    • 1 Side Dish
  1. Packed Meal B ($5.40 w/GST min 60 pax)
    • 1 Rice
    • 2 Meat
    • 1 Veg
  1. Packed Meal C ($6.48 w/GST min 50 pax)
    • 1 Rice
    • 2 Meat
    • 1 Veg

Our Delivery Service and Arrangements

Our catering service covers most areas in Singapore. Read our catering and service fulfilment to learn more. You can reach us via 6980 8207 or WhatsApp at 8157 8780 and make your booking today!